Savage Update!

I have a huge Savage update tonight!

Starting this week! We have a few changes to every open mic!

1. All Savage Open mics will go back to In person sign ups! Thank you all for adapting these past months! With 1 am last call we have enough breathing room without running into going over time!

-Lists will still have a capacity But will be adjusted to according to each venue! Contact tracing may continue at the venues request!

-Every list will go in relative order! The host has every right to call an audible or reorder the list to make smoother show!

2. Hangover Mic is the new Tuesday night late night mic! Show will start at 8-8:30 and go until 1am or the last comic! Sets will be extended!

3. Wednesday’s Savagely Sassy will be moving the start time to 7:30pm with in person sign ups beginning at 7pm!

We will also be adding a few extended sets for those who need more time to work out their material for an upcoming show!

4. Stoney’s open mic. There will be a lot of changes here!

-All comics are to check sign up to the left of the host on the fold away table when they arrive

-Two 10 top tables will be reserved for comics in the front of the room for those who want to watch the show wile waiting to go up! Two additional big tops will be reserved in the bar room for the comics who would like to sit and chat with each other!

5 patio tables are first come first serve. No comics should be denied entry anymore! Apologies to those who were denied entry last week!

-Comics are asked to sit in their seats when they are at a table. No more people than the amount of seats at the table.

-Comics are asked to smoke 30 feet away from the front door and patio wile outside

-Table hopping is asked to stay at a minimum

-A table to the left of the stage will be reserved for those who are on deck and next! Masks need to stay on here as it is within the 25’ range!

-Stoney’s list will be limited to 35-40 comics due to Stoney’s limited operating hours. We will host 50 comics when they resumes normal operation hours

Thank you all for traveling this crazy covid journey with us! Now that the light is at the end of the tunnel getting brighter, things can start going back to normal!

Masks and social distancing protocols will continue until we as a state are able to lift everything! And we can’t wait until that day where we can stuff everyone in a room and tell them jokes! It’s coming! And it’s going to be SAVAGE! Much love ❤️

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